Aswaaq Retail employees get customer service training from Dubai College of Tourism


Supermarket store Aswaaq Retail has completed the ‘Dubai Way training’ for its staff.

A statement said that this training will help to empower the retail staff to be equipped with excellent customer service skills and knowledge.

Dubai Way is a learning platform created by Dubai College of Tourism, part of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, for government and private sector staff engaged in customer-facing roles, with the aim of imparting standardised information and instructions and ensuring excellent guest relations and customer service at tourist and retail touchpoints across the emirate.

In 2021 as part of Dubai’s drive to become the most visited city in the world, DCT encouraged the customer-facing workforce to become as knowledgeable and resourceful as possible via Dubai Way training programmes. Aswaaq Retail participated in this initiative with the aim of enhancing their retail staff’s customer-facing skills, securing a full understanding of Dubai’s consumer compliance guidelines and aligning with domestic and global travel trends in light of the evolving customer situation faced by the global tourism industry.

On the occasion of this achievement, CEO of Aswaaq Retail LLC, Franck Roquet said: “Aswaaq retail has always strived to exhibit global standards of service and hospitality and completing the Dubai Way training is a testament to our continuous efforts. We are proud of our staff who undertook the training and have resultantly upskilled themselves, thus arming themselves with exceptional skills that will surely be reflected in our services.”

Elham Bolooki, Experiential Learning Manager, Dubai College of Tourism, commented: “As Dubai launches various initiatives to further reinforce its position as a must-visit destination in this new era for travel and tourism, it is crucial for our industry to deliver exceptional visitor experiences.  To achieve this high standards of service, it is important to develop a knowledgeable and well-rounded workforce that will be prepared to deal with tourists and customers across several sectors, in addition to the hospitality industry. We are therefore delighted that Aswaaq Retail has been able to leverage our training platform to provide all of its employees deployed in customer-facing roles the opportunity to successfully complete the Dubai Way programme.”

Dubai Way is a training platform offering a broad range of educational and awareness programs for people employed in tourist-facing roles across the tourism ecosystem. Supporting those who interact with visitors on a day-to-day basis, Dubai Way Service Ambassador offers specialist training for retailers focused on history, culture, heritage, customer service and consumer compliance, all of which are critical to delivering exceptional experiences for visitors to Dubai.

Aswaaq Retail operates several supermarkets and convenience stores selling high quality products, food, and consumer goods.