Ramadan 2023: Union Coop to freeze prices of over 70 basic commodities for six months

On March 29, Dubai-based food and grocery retailer Union Coop will freeze prices on more than 70 essential products for six months to support UAE residents, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

The essential items include onion, apple, frozen chicken, eggs, flour, oil and much more products. This initiative will be advertised across all the branches of the retailer.

“This move will not only help consumers welcome the holy month of Ramadan but also be a matter of joy for people struggling with global inflation. Union Coop is working closely with its suppliers to ensure a steady supply of these essential products across all its branches in Dubai,” said Unio Coop in a statement.

The UAE’s Ministry of Economy on Thursday said it will follow up and monitor the initiatives announced by cooperative societies and sales outlets in the country, which include discounts on various commodity prices during Ramadan. 

Customers can avail of discounts of up to 50 per cent at coop on nearly 6,000 commodities selected by these outlets and coops.

The ministry said it has adopted some of the most efficient policies to ensure the availability of strategic stocks of all basic commodities to effectively meet the needs of citizens, residents and visitors for longer periods.

“Due to its dominant position as the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, Union Coop helps to regulate the prices in the retail market and reduce the burden on consumers by offering quality products at competitive prices,” said Union Coop.

On March 7, the retailer launched a discount campaign that will last until the end of Ramadan 2023.

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