Mena shoppers doubled their spending on White Friday, Admitad survey reveals

Mena customers have placed 135 per cent more orders this White Friday, increasing their spending by 94 per cent during the sale week compared to the ‘usual’ period, according to Admitad, a performance marketing-focused IT solution provider.

Apparel, home goods and electronics categories accounted for most sales. However, compared to last year, sales of electronics diminished drastically, slipping off the pedestal.

Golden week’ increases sales not just on Friday

Experts in the field note that the total number of orders has in general risen from two per cent to 15 per cent from the previous year. 

Even so, this increase appears more moderate compared to last year. All the same, the very fact that the growth is witnessed in the current torrid economic climate against the backdrop of soaring inflation undoubtedly bodes well for businesses. Reportedly, customers will still make purchases if they are interested. An increase of 23 per cent in the click-through rate on brands’ websites and marketplaces during the sale week bears out this conclusion.

Just as Admitad forecasted, numerous companies extended the sale period to include the days leading up to and following White Friday. Consequently, retailers saw a 102 per cent increase in orders on Friday alone, coupled with a 135 per cent increase in orders overall for the week.

Curiously, the gross merchandise volume of orders rose by 115 per cent, as opposed to 94 per cent for the entire week. This demonstrates that the main sale day was when customers were most likely to make their largest purchases. This phenomenon may be ascribed to several psychological factors and, more obviously, the fact that on Friday, retailers offered the largest discounts on expensive goods in a bid to entice their target clientele during marketing campaigns.

Content websites and cashback services attracted the bulk of customers

Content’s influence on shoppers’ motivation still plays a major role. According to Admitad, this year, content websites and online media lured more than 23 per cent of all global sales. Customers who took advantage of cashback offers from cashback services placed an extra 20.3 per cent of orders. Moreover, 14,4 per cent of White Friday purchases were completed by visitors to affiliate websites, while more than 9 per cent were made by coupon users. 

Recommendations and reviews by content platforms benefited the sales immensely. Contextual advertising and social media also resulted in higher buying activity. Apart from brands, affiliate partners also cashed in through attracting sales for rewards from brands, which rose by 34.5 per cent in the Mena and 51.4 per cent globally during White Friday.

With Christmas and New Year sales edging closer, vying for customers’ attention looms large. Retailers and their affiliate partners will harness the key lessons from this White Friday as a guide for the festival season sales period.