YallaHub partners with WEE Marketplace to launch one-hour shipment in UAE 

Dubai-based B2B marketplace aggregator YallaHub and WEE Marketplace have joined hands to offer one-hour delivery in the UAE.

The partnership seeks to enhance the GCC e-commerce market and open new opportunities for local and overseas suppliers.

 YallaHub’s collaboration with WEE will facilitate the sale of goods through both YallaMarket and WEE marketplace.

“This collaboration with WEE Marketplace signifies a major step forward in our mission to revolutionise e-commerce through digitalisation in the UAE and GCC, making market entry and operations smoother both for customers and businesses,” CEO of YallaHub, Leo Dovbenko, told Arabian Business.

“With this partnership, we will be able to extend the reach of brands to a wider audience.”

The scheme will first launch in Dubai, with delivery within an hour.

For the rest of the UAE, the delivery period will be extended to the next day in the initial phase.

Following this deal, WEE Marketplace, which operates like the American Target Plus model, will feature items from YallaHub on its website.

CEO and co-founder of WEE Marketplace, Anastasia Kim, said: “This partnership opens new horizons for brands, allowing them to enter at once both platforms.

“WEE Marketplace and YallaHub are absolute leaders of the UAE fast e-commerce market, and we choose the brands very carefully aiming to give the best products to our customers.”

The venture can advance the company’s efforts of onboarding reliable suppliers and high-quality goods, added Ms Kim.

Previously partnering with companies such as Careem and Talabat, WEE claims to have a team of 50,000 couriers and the capacity to handle more than 100,000 orders per day.

Founded in 2021 by Leo Dovbenko and Stas Seleznev, YallaHub enables brands to scale up across the GCC region and achieve global omnichannel sales with a “single-window service”.

The company secured $6 million in 2023 to fund its expansion into Saudi Arabia and Qatar.