Grandiose Supermarket speeds up eco goals with sustainable bikes


UAE-based premium grocery retail chain Grandiose Supermarket is introducing energy-efficient bicycles across all 18 locations in the UAE

This move aligns with the UAE government’s aspiration to clamp down on carbon emissions by 2050 and remain at the forefront of sustainability issues.

CEO of Grandiose supermarkets James Scott said: “The new delivery fleet marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability. In our aim to address every environmental agenda that the region wrestles with, we are honoured to be setting yet another example of being ecologically minded in sound corporate decisions.

“Our promise to extend the true ‘family value promise’ can only be achieved with a sustainable community. With this renewed delivery fleet, we are hoping to build a renewed community mindset.”

So far, Grandiose has introduced 100 sustainable bikes, expecting to complete the roll-out by the end of the year.

The first phase entails the launch of e-bikes, accounting for 30 per cent of the new fleet.

Implementing this move will save the Grandiose 75 per cent of exhaustible energy, compared to its previous conventional delivery fleet.

The eco initiative reflects the Grandiose zeal to go ‘electric’’, as its stores are infused with green features like energy-saving fridges, freezers and storage spaces.

“The UAE is slowly transitioning towards a greener and cleaner future and the vision of Grandiose Supermarkets is attuned with the region’s target to achieve a Net Zero on carbon emissions by 2050. The responsibility of being environmentally conscious rests on all of us but more so on retail chains and corporations for the significant contribution we can make to pull the region out of environmental vulnerability,” said Mr Scott.

Since its establishment in 2017, Grandiose Supermarkets have saved more than 15 million bags in-store and from e-commerce sales.