Grandiose Supermarket continues sustainability efforts

Grandiose Supermarket, UAE-based grocery retailer, has continued to implement its sustainability strategies since its replacement of single-use plastic bags with free paper bags in 2018.

The supermarket has saved more than 15 million single-use plastic bags through both in-store and online purchases, preventing single-use plastic from polluting waterways occupying landfills.

Shopping trolleys are made of recycled ocean plastic, reducing the release of carbon dioxide that would otherwise occur by 80 per cent.

Across its stores, Grandiose Supermarket has installed LED systems, occupancy sensors and day-and-night sensors to avoid electricity wastage.

The supermarket also houses energy-efficient machinery, such as fridges, freezers and storage units, and erases any carbon by-products of its supply chain logistics operations.

In addition, the retailer stocks locally grown and sourced organic produce.

“The UAE is slowly transitioning towards a greener and cleaner future and the vision of Grandiose Supermarkets is attuned with the region’s target to achieve a Net Zero on carbon emissions by 2050,” said James Scott, CEO of Grandiose.

“The responsibility of being environmentally conscious rests on all of us but more so on retail chains and corporations for the significant contribution we can make to pull the region our of ‘environmental vulnerability’.

Grandiose Supermarkets’ efforts align with the Abu Dhabi’s ban of single-use plastic and Dubai’s phase-out policy of single-use plastic bags.

“The ban on single-use plastic is imperative to module operations and progress the future towards a circular approach,” Mr Scott added.

“Once corporations see the ecological sense in these economic measures, they will not just adopt the change but also embrace it.”

In keeping with its slogan, ‘True Family Value’, the supermarket encourages its consumers to shop sustainably.

The grocery retailer hosts child-friendly workshops, aiming to encourage sustainable practices and instil recycling habits.

As part of its expansion plans, Grandiose Supermarket will open 12 more stores by the end of this year to bring its retail portfolio to 30.