6DX technology launches in Middle East

6DX, an in-store flexible, highly scalable, intuitive and cloud-native point-of-sales solution, is coming to the Middle East to contribute to the growth of the local retail sector across hypermarkets, supermarkets, fashion and lifestyle stores.

6DX is a microservices-based technology that ensures seamless integration into retail spaces with its composable architecture without obstructing the flow of the ecosystems in place.

The six pillars the company is built on are: faster checkouts; special offers curated with the customer transaction history; varied payment alternatives; customer relationship managementautomated personalised promotions; and loyalty programmes.

Director of Intellect Commerce at 6DX, Ramanan SV, said: “Middle Eastern retail sector is at the cusp of major digital transformation right now. According to recent reports, over 50 per cent of consumers in the Middle East prefer spending money on experiences rather than things, compared to 44 per cent globally.

“Moreover, 65 per cent of consumers seek curated experiences, much higher than 58 per cent of consumers globally.”

Created with the customer-centric approach in mind, the six features of 6DX sync up to deliver the optimal point-of-sales solution for retail, the company said.

The launch addresses the urgent need for robust digital transformation in the Middle East.

6DX has been supplying end-to-end solutions to various mid and large-sized retail chains across 19 countries.

A report by Forrester, a global market insights research, revealed that personalisation ranked the highest in the list of tech investments in 2021 in the Middle East, as 89 per cent of digital businesses are heavily investing in personalisation.

The region’s companies that adopt the customer-centric bent are raking in 40 per cent more revenues than those who resist it.

Three-quarters of consumers have switched to a new store, product or buying method over the last years, the report says.