Al Meera teams up with Zippin to launch checkout-free stores in Qatar


Qatar’s Al Meera Consumer Goods Company is hoping to take the stress out of shopping – and even inject a little fun – with its new fully automated stores.

The country’s largest retail firm has partnered with Zippin, US-based provider of checkout-free technology, to help advance its expansion strategy and provide a technologically advanced service to its customers.

Its new stores will be powered by artificial intelligence, allowing customers to shop under a self-service concept, making their experiences faster, simpler, less stressful – and, hopefully, more enjoyable.

“We are excited to introduce these new checkout-free stores to make shopping more convenient and fun for our customers,”  said Krishna Motukuri, CEO and co-founder of Zippin.

“Having Zippin-powered stores in the Middle East for the first time shows the impressive traction of checkout-free shopping around the world. It’s clear that shoppers love the convenience and speed: something we’ve proven time and again with each new Zippin-powered store.”

The frictionless smart stores rely on several cameras and sensors that track customers from their point of entry until they leave, monitoring in real time what shoppers place in their baskets and trolleys, or put back on the shelves.

For convenience, customers can carry their items wherever they like, as the software will automatically charge their cards for acquired products once they leave the store.

The move is welcomed as part of the fulfilment of the digitalisation goals set by Qatar National Vision 2030.

To date,  Zippin-powered stores serve around 625,000 shoppers through their 60 stores around the globe.

By eliminating checkout lines, the provider estimates that its concept stores have reduced customers’ shopping times by 104,000 hours.