Confetti Group to launch fragrance segment in UAE


Confetti Group, a British personal care startup, recently announced its entry into the UAE fragrance market as part of its market penetration and brand positioning strategy.

Tapping into Dubai’s robust retail ecosystem as its launchpad, the London-based CPG brand owner and operator is set to introduce a new high-concentration fragrance proposition for the first time in the regional market – a move that’s widely expected to excite consumers who are constantly looking for unique personal care products.

Despite its steady growth, the UAE personal care market has largely needed more innovation in recent years in terms of the fragrance choice, formats and price points it offers. According to industry analysts, this has primarily slowed down its overall performance.

Industry performance

According to research experts Statista, revenue in the UAE’s beauty and personal care market reached US$1.13 billion in 2022. And with new startups in the industry setting up shop in the region, anchored on introducing fragrances suited to all tastes and preferences, the market is expected to grow annually at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about -0.96 percent by 2027.

Globally, the market size reached US$26.0 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$34.4 billion by 2027, representing a CAGR of 4.81 percent, according to IMARC Group. On its part, the perfume market is projected to grow from US$30.6 billion in 2021 to US$43.2 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.0 percent.

“We are excited to finally introduce the Confetti Group brand and its flagship high-concentration fragrances to the UAE. Our entry into one of the region’s most vibrant and culturally-rich markets is strategic for the brand in terms of providing niche fragrances to a growing sophisticated population. Dubai will give us a good opportunity to appeal to consumers that are not only looking for unique, long-lasting scents but fragrances that fit their individual lifestyles,” said Ori Leslau, director, Confetti Group.

Value-driven strategy

Demonstrating its unique value proposition, the Confetti Group product lineup uses French-sourced fragrances predominantly in very high concentrations and carefully crafted compositions designed to cater to younger demographics.

Established in 2016, Confetti Group’s flagship fragrances include Deodorant Body Spray, Eau de Parfum, Body Mist, Roll-ons, and No Gas Body Spray. As part of its product expansion strategy, the Group is expected to unveil deo sticks, shower gels and body lotions to complement its value-driven product offering.

Emerging trends

As needs and preferences continue to shift regionally and globally driven by changes in lifestyle, consumers are increasingly opting for body spray deodorants instead of body spray deodorant and perfume. This, according to Ori, has created a whole new category in the industry that is largely underserved in the region.

“We have noticed a steady shift in consumer preferences across key markets and the emergence of a new category in the personal care segment. Today’s consumer is looking for extra long-lasting, incredible fragrances that are suited to fit their individual tastes and preferences. Budgets are also a top priority hence their preference for larger than average size formats, affordable price points, and a memorable experience,” noted Ori.

The Confetti Group now joins a host of other growth-driven startups that have identified Dubai and the UAE as their growth frontier due to its position as a leading commercial hub. The region’s conducive operating environment and diverse population make it ideal for small and mid-size enterprises to play on the international retail stage.