Mall of the Emirates launches Ramadaniyat pop-up


Pop-up store Ramadaniyat has opened in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates.

Located in the mall’s Emirati cultural hub Zeman Awwal, Ramadaniyat celebrates all things Ramadan and shines the spotlight on Emirati and Arab fashion designers and artists.  

It combines the modern and the traditional, selling jewellery, fashion, arts and craft items and handmade artisanal pieces that embody Emirati and Arabic culture.   

“Ramadan encourages the wider community to pause, observe and reflect on where they have been and where they are going,” said Hussain Moosa, director of Mall of the Emirates.   

“Ramadaniyat keeps the spirit of connection between the history and contemporary day alive, offering even more moments for joy and inspiration as we come together to celebrate the Holy Month.” 

The pop-up store also offers iftar dining options and an evening entertainment programme.