Calibrate Commerce launches incubator programme for Mena start-ups

Dubai-based e-commerce specialist Calibrate Commerce has launched an incubator for Mena’s homegrown e-commerce businesses, Calibrate Labs.

 The initiative is created for entrepreneurs who are looking to work on their start-up ideas or to scale already established ventures.

The applications are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

General manager at Calibrate, Nagham Akileh, said: “We enable entrepreneurs through our expertise while alleviating some of the risks involved in building a business.

 “We believe it is necessary to embed ourselves within the ecosystem, and invest in and nurture innovative ideas that address gaps in the market and add value to consumers.”

 Calibrate Labs invests in businesses on a case-by-case basis, and “it is not always monetary, but in some cases, it’s our team’s time and effort in exchange for revenue share and/or equity”, added Mr Akileh.

Calibrate Commerce is collaborating with eight direct-to-consumer brands across different categories to amplify their growth, including cashback platform MADrewards and plants e-commerce shop Nabataty.

 “We also have two niche retail ideas in development, and aiming for another 8 to 10 over the next 12 months,” adds Akileh.

 “All will include either an equity stake or revenue share or a combination of both, depending on the type of investment needed (financial, resources, etc) in their business.”

According to research firm MAGNiTT, Mena retail and e-commerce start-ups are growing at a fast pace.