Mena shoppers show red-hot enthusiasm for Black Friday, study reveals


An Ipsos market research study has revealed that UAE, Saudi and Egyptian consumers show more enthusiasm about Black Friday’s deals compared to their counterparts in the UK, US and Brazil.

Google has released the results of a new study by Ipsos that pinpointed key consumer trends among UAE and Saudi shoppers in the run-up to the Black Friday shopping season, which starts this month and runs until December.

Here are the study’s crucial findings:

Consumers’ unprecedented willingness to experiment
Approximately 33 per cent of shoppers surveyed are open about what they will buy.

Meanwhile, 60 per cent of shoppers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are keen on discovering new products and brands when shopping online during the sales season. Positive reviews and offers are two vital factors that can sway consumers to new brands.

More and more consumers rely on YouTube videos to guide them through shopping choices
According to Ipsos, 80 per cent of respondents acknowledged watching a product-related video before taking the plunge. In addition, 66.6 per cent viewed YouTube content such as product reviews, comparative rankings or unboxing sessions to help them decide on the products they need and funnel down their search.

Last year, searches for ‘product reviews’ on YouTube saw a twofold year-on-year increase.

Shoppers in Mena are determined to enjoy the Black Friday season
The study shows that 55 per cent of respondents choose to frantically scour for deals in advance instead of waiting until the actual sales dates.

Customers anticipate the entire shopping experience to be hassle-free and seamless
Of those surveyed, 41 per cent prefer to alternate between physical and e-stores at the peak of the shopping season. And 61 per cent expect the deals they found online to match those in-store. Lastly, Mena shoppers’ interest in flexible payments has reached unprecedented levels.

Deals are becoming vitally important to digitally-savvy shoppers
According to the report, Mena shoppers mostly search online for seasonal deals (Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Single’s Day) and less for specific brands, in stark contrast to the e-consumers in the US.

Most shoppers admitted pampering themselves during the shopping season, which 70 per cent of the surveyed shoppers reporting buying products for themselves during this sales season. On the other hand, 45 per cent use this time to look for gift ideas.