HyperPay to support Apple Pay recurring services for merchants

HyperPay, a Mena payment gateway provider, has enabled mada Apple Pay recurring services for merchants to offer subscription-based services through secure payment options. 

This move reflects HyperPay’s efforts to offer retailers advanced payment solutions and technologies to boost their revenue.

Founder and CEO of HyperPay, Muhannad Ebwini, said: “We are delighted to enable the mada Apple Pay Recurring features and services to our merchants and offer them the latest safe payment solutions. 

“By supporting mada Apple Pay recurring, we aim to solidify our status as the leading provider of payment gateway in the Mena region, offering a wide range of financial services and products. This new feature would help companies offer their clients seamless payment experiences. At HyperPay, we strive to provide the finest and most dependable payment gateways, solutions and services that enable hassle-free payment experiences for customers.”

The service uses tokenisation technology to protect sensitive payment information. 

In addition, mada Apple Pay offers additional security with features including Touch ID or Face ID authentication, which lowers the risk of fraudulent payments or transactions.

With the new feature, HyperPay’s merchants can offer subscription-based services to clients.

Established in Jordan in 2014, the start-up processes millions of transactions annually for merchants in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. Aside from payments processing, it offers services such as risk and fraud management, and monitoring financial and invoicing systems.