Apparel Group opens 19 stores in GCC and India


The Apparel Group has launched 19 stores across the Middle East and India.

The stores were opened in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, and include brands such as Calvin Klein, Also, R&B, Beverly Hills Polo Cub, and Levi’s among others.

The Apparel Group also launched the region’s “first plant-powered performance shoes in collaboration with Zen Running Club,” in line with its “commitment to using environmentally friendly materials,” the statement added.

A statement said that the company recently announced a joint venture with Steve Madden to expand its global presence and a partnership as well.

Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel Group said “We are thrilled to have launched several new stores in strategic locations, and we look forward to continuing our expansion in the coming months. At Apparel Group, we are always seeking new opportunities to better serve our customers, and opening more stores in key markets is a vital part of our growth strategy.”

“Our goal is to make our latest fashion and lifestyle offerings accessible to even more people, and we are confident that our upcoming store openings will help us achieve this objective. We remain committed to providing our customers with exceptional service, and we are excited to continue to deliver the latest trends and a seamless shopping experience to even more locations.”

Apparel Group is a fashion and lifestyle retail conglomerate based in Dubai. The company has more than 2025 retail stores and more than 80 brands on both physical and digital locations while employing more than 18,500 staff.