LEAP 23: Saudi retailers can benefit from AI


Middle East communications platform Unifonic showcased AI-powered customer engagement solutions for various companies, including retailers at LEAP 2023 which was held in Saudi Arabia.

The company connects local enterprises with their customers. This includes retailers and e-commerce platforms, banks, financial institutions and government entities throughout the region, as well as healthcare providers and transport and logistics providers worldwide.

According to a statement, customer engagement can now be automated with end-to-end personalised omnichannel customer journeys. Unifonic said its no-code, automation, and orchestration platform facilitates modern, reliable, and efficient business messaging across industries.

Ahmed Hamdan, CEO and co-founder of Unifonic, stated: “Today, our multichannel campaigns give customers the ability to orchestrate, automate and personalise mass campaigns across channels like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Messenger, Voice, and SMS. Unifonic’s engagement solutions for marketing, operations, and support are constantly being enhanced to provide customers with seamless omnichannel experiences that truly transform how brands connect with their customers.”

Unifonic handles more than 10 billion annual transactions for millions of recipients in more than 160 countries. It is has corporate presence in four Middle East countries — UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt — apart from having offices in the UK, USA, Turkey and Pakistan.