Chalhoub Group wins retail technology awards

Chalhoub Group has won three awards for retail technology.

At the Mena Stevie Awards, Chalhoub Group along with its technology partner Red Ant won recognition for their Connect clienteling app.

The companies together won two silver Stevies for innovation in shopping and e-commerce apps, and for innovative use of technology in customer service. They also won a bronze Stevie for innovation in technology development.

The Connect clienteling app uses Red Ant’s ‘RetailOS platform’, which connects customers to frontline workers, backroom staff and management. Its aim is to increase brand loyalty, encourage repeat purchases and enhance customer engagement.

The app gives frontline workers access to customer profiles, distant and in-store sales journeys, and other personalised content. Apart from other uses, it can also be used by frontline workers to access customers details such as nationality and date of birth, which can be useful in customer consultations and for contacting them during their national or religious holidays such as Ramadan.

Chalhoub’s Technology Business Partner John McNulty said: ‘We look forward to our continued partnership with Red Ant and to further leveraging Connect as a key component of our omni-channel strategy.’

Red Ant’s CEO Sarah Friswell said: ‘These awards are a testament to our partnership with Chalhoub and the vision they have for providing truly outstanding experiences to their customers. We’re proud to have received such important recognition of how innovative technology coupled with a commitment to excellence can transform retail.’

Companies like Acer Inc., Apple, BASF, BT, Ford Motor Company, ING, Procter & Gamble, Roche Group, and Samsung among many others have previously won at the Stevie awards.