UAE brand predicts growth in country’s retail sector


UAE retailer ‘Brands’ which offers men’s clothing, has said that it expects a significant opportunity for growth in the retail sector in the UAE this year.

Their predictions are in line with the potential for continuous growth in the UAE retail market, which has benefited from population growth that has not stopped, an increase in GDP per capita, and a booming tourism sector.

As a result of the pandemic and the increased foot traffic in stores, Brands opened a large number of new stores in the UAE and broadened its regional reach. The company can profit from releasing enticing offers along with having higher consumer spending thanks to the nation’s robust shopping promotions throughout the year. The recovery and expansion of the Brands have also been aided by government initiatives in the UAE, such as the Dh50 billion three-year economic stimulus package, loosened visa requirements, and increased spending on infrastructure projects.

Dorgham Shaaban, CEO & Chairman of BRANDS told Gulf News, “This year, we will open novel stores across the UAE with a particular plan and focus on introducing standalone concepts for our DKS and Jack Morgan brand.”

Mr. Shaaban is confident that Q1 of 2023 will continue to be strong for Brands as they focus on attracting new customer segments because the UAE is one of the most alluring retail markets in the region for retailers.

“As we embark on our journey in the first quarter of 2023, we are well-positioned to continue our success by introducing innovative fashion concepts, providing client-centric services and consistently offering high-quality products at affordable prices,” he added.

The company is known for the factory prices it offers on its extensive line of men’s clothing. Brands is a retail store that offers fashionable and affordable menswear in the UAE, KSA, and Qatar. It was founded in 2004 and houses six brands such as DKS, Jack Morgan, Francisco Tolli, Mosaique, Alberto Paolucci and Binnino. The company operates both physical and an online store in the region.