WebEngage announces three key retail partnerships

Tech company WebEngage that owns the ‘Retention Operating System’ has announced partnerships with retailers Titan Co., Etmana, and Mr Baker. 

The Retention OS is a suite of integrated tools that manages data and analyses the best user retention strategies. It drives engagement via customer journey design, personalisation using data analytics, and an omnichannel campaign orchestrator. 

In a statement, WebEngage said it will leverage its retention OS to help these brands “drive unique customer experience across multiple channels by organising data, developing analytical-driven customer insights and driving one-on-one personalised engagement.”

The uptake of AI-powered, data-driven customer engagement solutions comes on the back of brands’ growing need for differentiation in competitive retail and e-commerce space, especially in the MEA market. The emphasis on retention marketing is underpinned by the fact that retention is more financially feasible and profitable than the acquisition of new customers. WebEngage, due to the efficacy of its full-stack solutions, has emerged as a go-to partner for regional brands. 

Part of the Tata Group, a publicly traded conglomerate, Titan Company Limited was once dubbed the world’s fifth-largest watchmaker. Etmana is a fast-growing fashion retailer with a sizable market share in Egypt. Meanwhile, Mr Baker is an F&B brand. 

Commenting on the partnerships, Hetarth Patel, VP – Mena and Managing Director – UAE, WebEngage, said: “WebEngage is glad to be helping Titan Co., Mr Baker, and Etmana simplify retention and scale their businesses to greater heights. With Etmana, we feel like we are playing on home turf, whereas, for legacy brands like Titan Co. and Mr Baker, I believe WebEngage will have a two-fold impact, helping them maintain their foothold in the regional retail space while also assisting them on a path toward digital transformation powered by online and offline data and channels. We are honoured to collaborate with these leading brands and excited to further elevate their market standing.”

WebEngage’s marketing automation platforms, personalization engines, and omnichannel campaign orchestration systems have enabled several regional brands to retain customers and optimise customer experience. Brands’ new-found ability to hyper-personalise journeys, communications, and loyalty benefits has resonated with customers in a region that characterises good internet penetration, heightened awareness, and growing spending power. 

The retail industry, in particular, with high competition and accompanying customer churn, demands omnichannel engagement strategies and supporting technologies. Forward-thinking brands have harnessed WebEngage’s Retention Operating System to meet that demand. Over 800 brands across the globe swear by the full-stack solution’s ability to optimise retail operations and retain customers. 

Since its entry into Mena, WebEngage has added over 60 new clients each quarter across industries such as Retail & E-commerce, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Gaming, Education, and Public Sector, in what can be deemed nothing short of a “retention revolution”. Partnerships with dominant brands such as Titan Co., Mr Baker, and Etmana have further reinforced WebEngage’s growing leadership in the MarTech domain. The meteoric growth phase recently culminated in the $20-million Series B funding round led by Singularity Growth Opportunities Fund and SWC Global, with participation from existing investors India Quotient, Blume Ventures, and IAN Fund, among other VCs.