Golden Goose launches first Forward Store in Middle East


Italian artisanal trainer brand Golden Goose has opened a shop at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates— its first Forward Store in the Middle East.

The Forward Store from Golden Goose is a new concept that allows clients to have their sneakers of any brand restored or customised.

CEO of Golden Goose, Silvio Campara, said: “The Forward Store was born with the ambition of giving new life to products, to those items that people cherish the most, giving them new life so that they can continue collecting experiences and writing new stories with them.

“It’s about experiences, instants, memories that our lovers are willing to share with us and relish within their favourite products.”

Golden Goose unveiled its Forward Agenda in March, aspiring to hone its expertise in lengthening products’ life cycle with a sustainable and innovative effort in recycling fashion.

The Forward Store allows anyone to bring in their sneakers, regardless of brand, and have them professionally restored through the Calzoleria and Sartoria services. 

In addition, clients can take advantage of the Forward Store’s bespoke tailoring services and a cobbler service if they want to design personalised sneakers from scratch.

Golden Goose brand is the brainchild of designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, born 23 years ago in Venice.

“For over twenty years, Golden Goose has been committed to promoting its handmade and artisanal tradition and to supporting the people behind these magnificent crafts, from the artisans to the tailors, to small local artists, among many others. The co-action between the Golden Goose’s cobblers and the clients will become a key element to this mission. From sustainability to responsibility. From co-creation to co-action,” said Mr Campara.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the sneakers segment was expected to witness growth at a rate of 7.50 per cent between 2021 and 2028, reaching the value of $98,091.28 million at the end of the period.