Chalhoub Group’s FACES teams up with The Detox Market

Chalhoub Group‘s beauty omniretailer FACES has forged a partnership with The Detox Market, one of the leading brands of green beauty products the US. 

With this partnership, the companies aspire to highlight the importance of keeping clean beauty and wellness at the forefront of the international market.

President of managed companies at Chalhoub Group, David Vercruysse, said: “The clean beauty market has become a fast-growing category and is redefining the beauty industry in the region. 

“Consumers have grown more conscious of their skincare and overall well-being and are opting for ‘greener’ and ‘safer’ products. Our partnership with The Detox Market is another step towards expanding the Group’s clean beauty portfolio and bringing sustainable products and brands to our consumers in the region.” 

This partnership will strive to greenlight and accelerate the clean and organic beauty movement in the Mena region and foster more awareness amongst beauty products aficionados. 

Vice president of beauty franchise and distribution at Chalhoub Group, Nabil Chalhoub, said: “Clean beauty will rise in the region over time. It is known that global trends always trickle into the Middle Eastern market with time. There is an interest, of course, as natural ingredients, such as rose water and castor oil, have long been part of beauty rituals in the region.”

The first capsule will include an exclusive curation of best-selling brands like True Botanicals, Pai Skincare, Odacité, Innersense, Goop, Rahua and Ere Perez. Further down the line, The Detox Market will expand its presence in FACES stores and potentially launch its first flagship store in the region.

“We have been thinking about expanding in the Middle East but wanted to be sure we had the best partner, ” said the founder of Detox Market, Romain Gaillard.

“Once we met the team at Chalhoub Group, it quickly became clear we were both wanting to bring a shared vision to life. We already have a large clientele located there who have been waiting for an opportunity like this, so through our partnership with FACES we can now deliver clean beauty to a market that has an ever-growing passion for the beauty industry, has consistently embraced diversity, and has always encouraged creativity through personal care.” 

The Detox Market is a one-stop-shop for those looking for cleaner versions of their everyday beauty products. The company offers a curated selection of eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free brands in the skincare, makeup, wellness, health and home categories.

The beauty and personal care market in the Mena region is worth $ 33 billion as of last year and is expected to reach $39 billion by 2025, according to Euromonitor research.

“Generation Z and millennials are demanding greater transparency as they move towards clean beauty products,” said Chalhoub Group.