Carrefour opens new branch in C3 Mall in 15th of May City in Egypt


In collaboration with Modern Retail Group and Global Retail Gate and with investments exceeding 60 million pounds, Carrefour has opened a new branch in Egypt at C3 Mall in 15th of May City, Greater Cairo.

CEO of Global Retail Gate and a group of investors, Tamer Gouda, explained that the commercial centres have an average area of ​​between 9,000 and 13,000 square metres, noting that Carrefour provides from 150 to 200,000 direct job opportunities, in addition to about 200 other job opportunities in the 25 commercial units located inside the mall.

In May, Carrefour Egypt confirmed its plans to invest EGP 250 million and build 10 new stores in Egypt this year.

As part of its expansion plan, Carrefour Egypt aims to enhance its digital presence with the development of a more streamlined, integrated e-commerce channel, aiming to double the number of its online customers. This investment will transform the brand’s digital retail services, greatly improving online shoppers’ customer journeys and offering them even more choice, convenience, accessibility and quality.

Carrefour Egypt’s country manager, Jean Luc Graziato, said: “We believe that as a vital contributor to the economy, we have a strong social and economic responsibility towards the Egyptian customers and communities that we serve.

“Carrefour plays an integral role in boosting the local economy through its new business investments and the launch and development of online stores across various locations in Cairo and Alexandria. Carrefour’s commitment to the community extends to maintaining price stability and stock availability across all stores in Egypt.

“With the recent rise of online shopping, Carrefour has also employed an additional team to support and improve the capabilities of its e-commerce and digital platforms. This will help to ensure that demand is adequately met on all fronts, and we continue to provide the people of Egypt access to our wide range of high-value products at affordable prices.”