Cairo Festival City hosts ‘The Ultimate Rise’ event


Cairo Festival City, an affiliate of Egypt’s leading real estate developer, Al Futtaim Group Real Estate, organised “The Ultimate Rise” mental health day at The Marquee Theatre on Saturday, October 29.

The event featured sessions that shed the light on important topics associated with mental health to encourage individuals to talk about their issues and ways to deal with their emotions and feelings. The event confirms AFGRE’s keenness to play its role in society; taking into account that mental health is an integral part of the general health and well-being of individuals.

“Hosting ‘The Ultimate Rise’ event comes in line with the World Health Organisation’s efforts in promoting  mental health awareness by dedicating an annual day for the cause during October, wherein through it, we envision a world in which mental health is valued, promoted and protected; and where everyone has an equal opportunity to boost mental health,” managing director of AFGRE,  Eng Ashraf Ezz El Din, said.

“We were devoted to raising public awareness on the importance of mental health and normalizing the request for help from specialized doctors whenever needed so that people can perform their tasks and duties while enjoying healthy relationships within their community.

“The event highlights AFGRE’s keenness on providing people with the necessary support and educating them on making mental and psychological healthcare a top priority, as people who sustain a balanced mental health have a better chance of living a safe and happy life, in addition to reaching greater heights in creativity and innovation, which will help them achieve their goals and communicate with people around more positively.”

Al Futtaim Group Real Estate pays great attention to community work, especially public health, placing it on top of its priorities by focusing on the importance of giving and improving the quality of life. The group continuously dedicates its capabilities towards achieving its social responsibility by serving sustainable goals that benefit the society as whole.