Mena customers treat themselves ahead of Singles’ Day, Google report reveals

A report by Google’s Consumer Insights has shed light on the most popular topics customers are searching for ahead of Singles’ day on November 11.

Singles’ Day is one of the red-letter days for retailers across the Mena region, sandwiched between Halloween and Black Friday shopping events.

According to the report, searches for ‘Singles’ Day’ across the Mena region have jumped by 35 per compared to last year.

A 40 per cent increase in search interest for the word ‘discount’ implies that cost-conscious customers in Mena focus on reaping the benefits of sales to treat themselves.

A 32 per cent uptick in shopping app downloads in the run-up to Singles’ Day indicates that shoppers also prioritise convenience instead of merely scouring for deals online.

The data, garnered by Google, also clarifies how shoppers approach the day with a wholesome attitude, paying attention to body, mind and home categories.

Self-care is the top priority

Seventy per cent of shoppers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia reportedly buying items exclusively for themselves during this shopping event, in stark contrast with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Topics like ‘anti-aging product’ and ‘collagen water’ are trending, witnessing a 30 per cent and a 25 per cent rise respectively.

At the same time, searches for ‘comfort food’ has shot up by 85 per cent.

Cravings for comfort and luxury

With the end-of-year celebrations looming, one of the most notable trends observed is shoppers’ increased predilection for quaint luxury items. Last year, searches for words like ‘earring’ and ‘cufflink’ soared by 95 and 75 per cent respectively nearing Singles’ Day.

In addition, the shopping event sparks a sustained interest in leisure wear, with searches for ‘relaxed fit’ increasing by a whopping 100 per cent and googling of ‘tracksuit’ rising by 25 per cent. Similarly, in the footwear category, shoppers apparently tend to choose casual models, as searches for ‘espadrille’ rise abruptly.

Shoppers use the occasion to spruce up their homes

‘Home organisation’ lingers as one of the hottest topics for customers, with searches for home-related content drastically increasing by 75 per cent across the region last year.

For example, searches for the words ‘bedroom set’ soared by 255 per cent. Additionally, search interest for ‘scented candles’ rose by 40 per cent, signalling Mena customers’ readiness to splash out on non-essential items.

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