Value fashion brand Twenty4 unveils eco-friendly lounge wear


Homegrown Middle East fashion value brand Twenty4 has launched its new lounge wear Recycle collection with a focus on sustainability.

The eco-friendly collection uses recycled cotton from repurposed production scraps.

Items include shorts, t-shirts, hoodies and tracksuits, and come in a range of earthy hues, such as grey, beige, pink and blue.

The line aims to appeal to environmentally aware customers.

“Fashion with a purpose just has a different feel to it. When our customers purchase apparel from the Recycle collection, they are not only fulfilling their comfort and fashion needs but also making an eco-conscious choice. It is such choices that shape the world of tomorrow — the world that our future generations will inherit from us, ” said Mushtaq Jaffar, KSA brand head of Twenty4.

“The latest Recycle collection speaks about our commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency. It is our way of showing that environment-friendly choices aren’t just better for the planet, but they can also feel and look great.

Twenty4 uses recycled cotton, saving energy and 20,000 litres of water, which would otherwise be needed to make one kilogram of cotton.

The value fashion brand operates 34 stores in Saudi Arabia and five stores across the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and regional lockdowns, Twenty4 launched WhatsApp shopping in Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE.