Dubai Gold Souk completes its extension


Dubai’s Gold Souk has completed its extension project, which sees the addition of 295 shops to its portfolio.  

Implemented by real estate developer and manager Ithra Dubai, the project adds a modern twist to the traditional and cultural Gold Souk.  

The extension introduces shaded walkways, workshop venues, co-working spaces, covered parking, restaurants, a waterfront promenade and numerous hotels.   

The Souk now houses brands such as Al Romaizan Gold & Jewellery, Malabar Gold & Diamond, Al Kanz Jewellery, Dhakan Jewellers, Jawhara, Gold House, Hyatt, New Mashoom, Top Gold, Zayan, Iman, Navran Jewllers, Ismail, Popley and Kalyan Jewellers.  

“In order to push the dominance of Dubai as the Jewellery Destination of the World, Dubai Jewellery Group’s post-Covid opening has implemented several initiatives to revive and push the gold sector,” said Laila Suhail, board member and chairperson of marketing at Dubai Jewellery Group.  

“With this inaugural ceremony of the Gold Souk Extension, we have unlocked another milestone.  

“Sitting in front of the iconic Dubai Gold Souk, and against the backdrop of the Deira Creek, the Gold Souk Extension will offer something new and added facilities which will further enhance the Dubai Gold Souk experience,” Ms Suhail added.  

The project aligns with the Deira Enrichment Project which aims to improve the district’s residential, business, commerce and leisure establishments.  

The 1.18-million-square-foot space is also a step towards improving the city’s trade, tourism and growth, as part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.  

“The Gold Souk Extension is a tribute to Dubai’s legacy of trade, and we are proud to be part of it,” said Issam Galadari, director and CEO of Ithra Dubai.  

“The historic significance of this area has been uplifted to provide an enriched experience while accommodating the increasing number of visitors.  

“Located in Dubai’s original trading hub, it will be one of Dubai’s top cultural attractions and the world’s destination for jewellery, revitalising Dubai’s moniker: the City of Gold,” Mr Galadari added.  

Until May 8, the extension is accompanied by various entertainment activities and promotions to celebrate its opening.