Dabur International partners with schools for Ramadan donations  


Dabur International, ayurvedic personal care retailer of haircare, skincare and oral care, has partnered with the International Schools Partnerships group to collect donations for those in need this Ramadan.    

The retailer is encouraging teachers, staff, students and members of the public to stock #KindnessKloset cabinets with personal care items such as soaps, creams, toothpastes and shampoos.  

The cabinets are stationed at four schools across the UAE – Dubai’s The Aquila School and Nibras International School, and Abu Dhabi’s Aspen Heights British School in Al Bahya and Reach British School Bani Yas.  

Dabur International aims to ensure cabinets are sufficiently stocked daily for those in need to have access to necessary products at any time of day.  

“From community workers to labourers, we hope to ensure every individual in need is able to benefit from the #KindnessKloset,” said Ganesh Sharma, lead of corporate communications at Dabur International.  

Products left over in cabinets at the end of Ramadan will be distributed to those in labour camps and support staff in the schools and their surrounding communities.  

The International Schools Partnerships group calls for students to add handwritten messages to the #KindnessKloset campaigns.  

“The spirit of Ramadan provides an opportunity for all of us to reflect and give without conditions,” said Bharat Mansukhani CEO of the International Schools Partnership’s Middle East and Europe division.  

“In our schools, we are committed to nurturing students who are kind, compassionate, conscious members of their communities, who also understand the importance of giving back. The #KindnessKloset initiative is a CSR activity that we are happy to be part of because it has given us an opportunity to exercise all these values while making real human impact. 

“It has also given our schools another opportunity to bring the wider communities they are a part of, together.  

“We encourage all to donate to the #KindnessKloset closest to them,” Mr Mansukhani said.