Mercato and Town Centre enhance retail options


Dubai’s Mercato Mall and its neighbour, Town Centre Dubai, have welcomed new brands to broaden retail options for shoppers. 

Stores opened include Superdry, Al Ansari Exchange and Picasso Artists, with The Duchess and July House among others yet to come. 

“We are thrilled to kick off the new year with several fresh new brands for our guests to explore while visiting Mercato and Town Centre Jumeirah,” said Nisreen Boustani, PR and corporate communications manager. 

“Whether you have visited us once or one hundred times, you can ensure there will always be something new to discover at Mercato. Our sights are set on an exciting year with many more announcements and store openings on the horizon.”   

Ms Boustani told ME Retail the additions were organic and aim to cater to more shoppers. 

“It’s part of our plans to diversify and widen our retail mix to attract more people to the mall,” she said. 

“We are working to bring new experiences for shoppers on all levels – F&B, fashion and different categories related to retail.” 

The openings in 2022 come after a successful return in sales from the pandemic slump.  

“Remarkable and record recovery indicators have reached pre-pandemic levels, through large rates of turnout for centres and the growth of sales of outlets in malls,” Ms Boustani told Sawah Press. 

Speaking of 2021’s festive season, she attributed the recovery to “the diversity of discount offers and entertainment events in the centres that attract many consumers, in addition to the increased turnout of tourists who spend the festive season in holidays in Dubai”. 

Looking forward, Mercato and Town Centre are focusing on becoming destination shopping malls, after noting a shift in consumer behaviour and preferences.  

“During the pandemic, we became a destination for shoppers because people began to change their behaviour; they preferred cosy and easily accessible malls rather than packed malls,” Ms Boustani told ME Retail. 

“Our objective at Mercato and Town Centre Jumeirah is to focus on gathering and make the experience a social hub, not only a shopping centre. It’s a leisure experience where you can enjoy the ambience, quality time and shopping,” she said.